Whether used as temporary body art, or natural hair color, natural henna is a safe and unique way to express yourself.

Henna Body Art - From $30
Henna plant leaves are ground to fine powder, and mixed with sugar, oils, and water to make a paste.  The paste is applied to the skin which leaves a stain ranging from pale orange to deep brown.  The designs last from 1-4 weeks, depending on the henna, skin type, placement on body, and care.

Henna Hair Glossing - From $50
Natural, vegan, preservative and synthetic-free alternative to traditional hair color.  It varnishes the hair cuticle rather than penetrating to the cortex.  This leaves the hair structure intact, resulting in soft, shiny, silky strands.  Henna fades much slower than traditional color, and covers greys while leaving natural variations in the hair.

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